European companies || Tax rates

In Europe the tax rates are not universal.

The most interesting corporate tax rates are to be found in Hungary, 9% tax over the annual profits, and in Estonia. In Estonia there is no corporate taxation at all.

UK and The Netherlands are very interesting for holding and finance companies.

Tailor-made corporate structures

So depending on:
– the country you live in
– the kind of business activities you do
– your wishes and possibilities
a tailor-made company structure can be realized.

Business residency in Andorra

Andorra has the lowest European tax rates, for corporates as well as for private persons and families.

Holding company in London

UK and The Netherlands are the most interesting EU countries for you holding. Financing and intellectual property can be taxed on a ruling based tax rate.

More information about a holding company in London.

Tallinn, Estonia

No corporate taxation. This is what makes Estonia, a full EU member in the euro-zone, unique.

More about setting up your company is Estonia


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